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Hi, I’m Tyra, 26 years old. I am looking for a serious relationship but also a trustful sex partner for my job and also as my manager. I love doing erotic things like porn videos and webcam modeling. I like my job so as my partner you should be ok I have sex with other men or perform naked in front of cams. I also agree my boyfriend can have sex with other woman when it’s not on emotional basis. The best way to describe it is open relationship.
You should be between 18-55, good character, well groomed and experienced in sex. You should know how to treat a woman and I like men who can take care of me. I’m in Thailand now but I want to come as soon as possible to Germany. My place which I already know very well and most of my fans are based is Nuernberg. So it would be nice you come from this area. But it’s not a big deal for me to move to another city when we have a serious and realistic plan. Text me if you’re interested.
I am still learning German, so I am not so good in it.

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Hallo ich bin die Emily,

schön, dass du auf mein Profil gelandet bist.

Es macht mir Spass mich beim Sex beobachten zu lassen und habe auch großes Interesse an videodrehs, daher dachte ich mir, ich melde mich doch einfach mal an und schau was geschieht.

Ich suche auch nach realen Treffen wenn die sympathie stimmt. Entweder zu Zweit oder zu Dritt ich freu mich darüber hier die heißen Videos hochzuladen in denen du es mir heftig besorgst ;P

Wenn du einen bestimmten Videowunsch hast oder mich kennenlernen willst schreibt mich doch einfach Mal an.

Würde mich freuen von euch zu hören.

Bussy deine Emily

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